Apple Watch Repair Vancouver

Geek Workshop now offers professional and reliable Apple Watch repair services – we fix cracked screens, replace batteries for Apple Watch Series 1,2,3 and 4.


Need your Apple Watch repaired?

Apple Watches are usually repaired within 24 hours, since the glue needs to dry out properly – from LCD to battery replacement, we’ll get your Apple Watch back to life.

Price...Screen replacement

Apple Watch Screen Replacement Service

Geek Workshop team always strives to get your Apple Watch repaired as fast as possible, however, both screen and battery replacement services take at least 4 hours for the glue to dry out properly.
Moreover, it is recommended to have the Apple Watch sitting for full 24 hours prior using the device again.
As per the parts used for Apple Watch repairs – we use only the highest quality components including seals and screws in order to maintain top notch quality service.

Price...Battery replacement

Apple Watch Battery Replacement Service

Apple Watch Series battery capacity normally lasts for about 400-500 full charging cycles before it starts degrading and shows a significant decline in performance. If you Apple Watch battery is draining too fast or you started noticing a sudden battery charge drop – it might be the right time to get it replaced at Geek Workshop Downtown repair store.

Price...Water damage repair

Apple Watch Water Damage Recovery Service

Once exposed to water (or any other liquid) the metal components on your Apple Watch start to corrode really quickly. The damage level of the corrosion depends on how long the phone was exposed to liquid – for example, tap water has minerals and salts which reduce the time needed for the parts to corrode.

At Geek Workshop we have a great recovery rate – about 80%, which means that there is still a high chance to bring your Apple Watch back to life even after severe water damage.

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