Google Pixel Repair Vancouver

Geek Workshop is a trusted and reliable repair service for Google cell phones. With our dedicated team and top quality replacement parts we will fix your Pixel or Pixel XL in no time!

Need your Google Pixel repaired?

Most common repairs for Google devices can be done within an hour – anything from LCD & screen replacement to microphone, charging port or battery repair.

VScreen replacement

Google Pixel Screen Replacement Service

Google Cell Phone LCD replacement is needed in case if your screen has been cracked or damaged; has dead pixels or pink lines as well as touch unresponsiveness.  

Geek Workshop guarantees that your Sony will be repaired using high quality original LCD panel including IP68 seals to maintain its dust and water resistance rating. In addition, each device goes through Geek Workshop performance test to ensure that your device LCD is properly installed.

VBattery replacement

Google Pixel Battery Replacement Service

In case if your Google Cell Phone battery is draining too fast, not charging properly or the capacity dropped under 80% – you may consider replacing it.
Google Phone batteries are designed to maintain their capacity for at least 500 charging cycles. It is recommended to replace it when the capacity drops down below 80%.
In case if you’re not sure if the replacement is needed – we can test the battery just in a few minutes!

VCharging port repair

Google Pixel Charge Port Repair Service

In case if your Google Cell Phone is not charging at all or not able to connect to PC or MAC – cleaning or replacement may be needed. At Geek Workshop we stock only high quality components including charge port replacement parts.
Unfortunately charging port often collects dust and lint – in this case we offer a cleanup service. However, if the port is damaged or the pins are broken – we can replace the whole thing.

VFront & back camera repair

Front & Back Cameras Repair Service

In case if your Google Cell Phone front or back cameras are not working properly, not able to focus, return a cloudy image or simply cracked – you may consider them repaired.
At Geek Workshop we offer a reliable camera repair service backed up with high quality tested components.

VWater damage repair

Water Damage Recovery Service

Once exposed to water (or any other liquid) the metal components on your Google cell phone start to corrode really quickly. The damage level of the corrosion depends on how long the phone was exposed to liquid – for example, tap water has minerals and salts which reduce the time needed for the parts to corrode.

At Geek Workshop we have a great recovery rate – about 80%, which means that there is still a high chance to bring your phone back to life even after severe water damage.

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