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Discount Policies

Any promotion discount cannot be combined with another discount or marketing promotion and cannot be used for multiple repairs or purchases.

Please consider which discount or promo you wish to use for your repair or accessories purchase upfront.

You need to mention the discount or promo you wish to use once you you visit our store but not after paying.

Geek Workshop

Permanent Deals

Booking Discount

Getting your smartphone repaired? Now you can schedule your appointment and save 10$ on any cell phone repair.

10$ Off – all cell phone & tablet repairs.

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Accessories Discount

Geek Workshop offers a 10% discount for accessories (chargers, cases, power banks etc) with any cell phone purchase.

10% Off Accessories – when you buy a phone from us.

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Tempered Glass Discount

Looking to buy a tempered glass for your device? We offer 25% discount on screen protectors with repair.

25% Off – tempered glass with repair.

Bulk Repair Discount

Have multiple issues with your device? Geek Workshop offers a progressive discount system.

5% Off – when you have more than 2 repairs.