Samsung Galaxy S10 will lose screen frames and one of their licensed technologies.


The presentation of the new Samsung flagship smartphone is expected in January or February next year. Meanwhile, more and more details about the tenth “Galaxy” appear on the Internet. According to the latest rumors, Samsung wants to dismiss the Iris Scanner in favor of another way to identify the user. In addition to this info, Samsung has published a patent demonstrating the frame-less design of the future gadget. The patent reveals us a few interesting things.


First thing is the placement of the front camera, which is shown to be located under the display. The occasion is that the front camera shouldn’t be placed in the upper part of the device, but instead, it’s positioned directly in the center of the screen. The user will not be able to see the camera while it’s not active. The only time the camera would appear from within the display is the moment you actually take a picture.

The second unusual decision made for the Galaxy S10 is the use of transparent antennas underneath the screen which would make the device even thinner then Galaxy S9.


It also appears that Samsung will abandon the Iris Scanner in the new generation of the Galaxy S series. Instead, Samsung will switch to the onscreen fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S10. Or, perhaps, the sensor might be located on the side of the device.

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