iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Repair

iPhone 8 – form charging issues to shattered LCD, at Geek Workshop we are able to perform any repairs. Check our prices or get a free estimate.

VScreen repair

Repair Price

iPhone 8 Front Glass Repair Generic


iPhone 8 Front Glass & LCD Repair Generic


iPhone 8 Front Glass Repair OEM-Grade


iPhone 8 Front Glass & LCD Repair OEM-Grade


*If your Apple iPhone 8 has accidentally been dropped and has cracked front glass or LCD panel, lifting in the corners, non-responsive or has dead pixels/pink lines.

20 – 30 Minutes

1 – Year Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

 Geek Workshop Vancouver Screen Repair Service ensures that your Apple iPhone 8 will be repaired using high quality parts (Generic or OEM – up to your choice) and seals, but cannot guarantee its dust and water resistance will remain after the repair. However, every single device goes through Geek Workshop performance test to make sure that your phone LCD is properly installed. For more info about difference between Generic and OEM LCD, kindly check our FAQ.

VBattery replacement

Repair Price

iPhone 8 Battery Replacement


Battery Health Check


*If your Apple iPhone 8 battery life isn’t lasting like it used to, draining too fast or has significant battery percentage drops.

20 – 30 Minutes

6 – Months Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

Apple iPhone batteries normally operate for around 500 full charging cycles before they start to experience a significant decline in performance.  If you use your phone regularly and start noticing a sudden percentage drop of your battery capacity, it might be the right time to replace it.

VBack glass/housing repair

Repair Price

iPhone 8 Housing/Back Glass Replacement


*If your Apple iPhone 8 back housing/back glass got cracked, shattered or lifting in the corners.

45 – 60 Minutes

1 – Year Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

Back glass/housing on your Apple iPhone 8 can be easily cracked due to physical damage or in case if the phone was dropped. If the cosmetic look of your device doesn’t work out for you – we can replace the whole thing.

VCamera repair

Repair Price

iPhone 8 Back Camera Repair


iPhone 8 Front Camera Repair


iPhone 8 Camera Lens Repair


*If your Apple iPhone 8 back or front(selfie) camera is not working, not able to focus or returns a cloudy image; or your back camera lens cracked or shattered.

20 – 30 Minutes

1 – Year Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

Apple iPhone 8 front or back cameras often get cracked, collect dust and therefore, not able to focus, make shots or sometimes even cause the camera application to crash. If your camera is damaged or defective, Geek Workshop is the place to get it fixed.

VCharging port repair

Repair Price

iPhone 8 Charge Port Repair


Charge Port Cleaning Service


*If your Apple iPhone 8 isn’t charging properly, not able to connect to MAC or PC, or otherwise broken.

35 – 60 Minutes

1 – Year Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

Charging port on your Apple iPhone 8 often collects dust over time and may be interfering with the charger, so Geek Workshop provides a cleaning/maintenance service since a repair may not always be required. However, if the cleaning doesn’t help – the whole charging port replacement is required.

VButtons & sensors

Repair Price

iPhone 8 Power Button Repair


iPhone 8 Volume Buttons Repair


iPhone 8 Proximity Sensor Repair


*If your Apple iPhone 8 power button, volume buttons or proximity sensor not functioning properly, buttons got jammed or stuck.

40 – 60 Minutes

1 – Year Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

Power or volume buttons might be dusty or get jammed, in this case there might be a replacement needed in order to make them work properly like before.
Proximity sensor responds for dimming the screen while calling/using voice recording; it can be fixed by replacing the flexes and the sensor itself.

VSpeakers & microphone

Repair Price

iPhone 8 Loudspeaker Repair


iPhone 8 Earpiece Repair


iPhone 8 Microphone Repair


*If your Apple iPhone 8 has issues with microphone/speakers, you can’t hear anything during a call or someone can’t hear you.

20 – 60 Minutes

1 – Year Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

Whether it’s the Loudspeaker issue (when your device is not making any sounds or not ringing) or Earpiece speaker (when you’re not able to hear anyone during the call) or Microphone (Voice recording is not functioning or someone can’t hear you), there might be a repair needed in order to get you phone back to a working condition.

VSoftware repair/unlock

Repair Price

Carrier Sim Unlock


iOS Restore


Data Backup/Transfer




*Software Repair Service is meant for cell phones that experience booting/loading issues or perform sluggish and slow. At Geek Workshop we also do Jaibreak (CIDIA) and are able to reflash your device with the lates iOS.

60 Minutes – 1 Day

Walk-in Welcome

Your device may get into a boot loop after installing an OTA or updating through iTunes. Sometimes software can cause touch screen non-responsiveness, button issues or simply keep your phone rebooting. Geek Workshop provides all kinds of cell phone software repairs including Jailbreak, carrier unlock and Data Backup/Transfer/Restore.

VLiquid damage recovery

Repair Price

Water Damage Repair

Unsuccessful Free

*If your iPhone 8 has been exposed to liquid damage (got submerged under water or other liquid). We have 80 – 90% success rate for liquid damage phone recovery.

1 – 2 Days

Walk-in Welcome

Once exposed to water (or other liquid) the metal components on your device start to corrode really quickly. The damage level of the corrosion depends on how long the phone was exposed to liquid – for example, tap water has minerals and salts which reduce the time needed for the parts to corrode.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Generic and OEM-Grade LCD used for my iPhone 8?

Apple iPhone original parts are not available on the market for anyone except for authorized Apple repair centers. As an independent repair shop, we use third party manufactured components for Apple iPhone repairs.
Geek Workshop offers two types of iPhone LCD screens:

  • Generic
  • OEM-Grade

Generic grade LCD is a factory manufactured copy of original Apple replacement screen. It is fully functional and compatible with Apple products. There is no difference at all regarding the touch functionality or responsiveness. Generic grade LCD, however, has one disadvantage – it has lower brightness and the colors are more saturated.

Original (OEM-Grade) LCD is a factory refurbished Apple iPhone (original one) screen, which means that the frame and the glass (the one above the polarizer and matrix) are replaced by a third party manufacturer. Screens that are offered as Original (OEM-Grade) have original Apple LCD panel and touchscreen digitizer including original apple connectors and flexes. Regardless the refurbished condition, this type of LCD is as bright and colorful as the original Apple LCD.

How long will it take to repair my iPhone 8?

We strive to repair your device as fast as possible, however, it really depends on what part of your device needs to be fixed.

LCD Replacement normally takes about 20 – 30 minutes, in some cases if the frame is bent – we’ll need a little bit more time to get it back to its original condition.

All other repairs including Battery, Sensor, Charge Port, Camera, Buttons, Speakers and Microphone will usually take about 20 – 35 minutes.

Software Repairs time varies and depends on what kind of issue you’re facing. Normally we take cell phones with software related problems for at least 1 hour, however if the issue is difficult (e.g. dead boot loader, corrupted EFS) – then we’d prefer to have your device for 24 hours.

Data Transfer/Backup will only take about 15-20 minutes but may extend if the volume of backed up data increases.

Liquid Damaged Recovery is a time consuming process, thus we usually take phones for at least one day – ultrasonic cleaning, corroded contacts and pins take a while to get cleaned up.

How do I know if my Apple iPhone 8 battery needs replacing?

The lithium-ion battery installed in your device should operate for at least 500 charging cycles before you notice a decrease in capacity. At Geek Workshop we are able to test your phone’s battery and let you know its capacity as well as number of charging cycles. The common time to replace the battery is when its capacity is below 80%

Will I lose data on my Apple iPhone 8?

Absolutely no, you won’t lose any data if we perform regular repairs like screen repair or battery replacement.
Moreover, in case if you’re worried about the info on your device – we can make a full backup including apps, logs, texts and calls.

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Additional discount options

*discount applies when getting your device repaired with us.

Screen protector – 25% discount
 e.g. with any cell phone repair

Bulk repair – 5% discount
 e.g. screen repair + battery replacement

Accessories – 10% discount
e.g. chargers, cables, phone cases

See what our customers say!

Hi Buddy, this is Werner from Cube Electronic, we are the leading supplier for cellphone screen replacement located in Shenzhen China, Our major products are iPhone lcd screen assembly, with different standard available and extreme strict QC to guarantee the quality. knowing you are also in the cellphone repair business, here we hope to build a business connection with you and your company, and maybe there is a chance that we can work together in the future.My emai: [email protected] whatsapp: +86 13972767636
Werner Wong
Werner W.
02:09 08 Aug 19
Great service. Igor seemed very honest and forthright. He assessed the damage and fixed my phone in a few hours. The glass had cracked on my S8, and he went the extra mile to replace the frame as well (just in case). I'd definitely recommend the geek workshop to anyone in a pinch.
Walter Brynjolfson
Walter B.
17:35 13 May 19
I took my I phone 6 with a cracked screen and a low performance Battery.They replaced both within 30 minutes at a cost half that of a lot of other places charge.The phone looks and performs like new.Many thanks for the great service.
New Doors Consulting
New Doors C.
10:56 12 May 19
Всё нравится. Нравится всё.
Kostiantyn Kantamirov
Kostiantyn K.
14:10 11 May 19
I went to Geek Workshop to have my Google Pixel battery replaced, because it was over 2 years old and a full charge wasn't lasting long enough anymore. They had the best price around, even after checking multiple cities, and I was able to save $10 on top of that by booking a service appointment online. The shop is clean, the staff is courteous, and the work was very well done. I couldn't be happier with the result.
Kirk Munro
Kirk M.
18:02 06 May 19
This place has good and honest technicians. The sim tray on my old trusty iPhone 5c snapped and I thought I had to say good bye to my beloved phone. They had the part. They also have very reasonably priced high quality screen protectors for $20 where other shops charge $50. Unfortunately I paid $50 when I bought my phone from another cellular dealer.
toffy concepcion
toffy C.
15:01 06 May 19
This place has good and honest technicians. The sim tray on my old trusty iPhone 5c snapped and I thought I had to say good bye to my beloved phone. They had the part. They also have very reasonably priced high quality screen protectors for $20 where other shops charge $50. Unfortunately I paid $50 when I bought my phone from the cellular dealer.
toffy concepcion
toffy C.
20:30 23 Apr 19
Great customer service! Reasonable price! Excellent repair service! I highly recommend this repair shop!
Nurlan Abdyvasiev
Nurlan A.
04:00 23 Apr 19
5 stars for very transparent pricing and amazing customer service. My lg v20 screen was replaced within an hour and there were no hidden fees at all. Besides i got 10$ off for the booking promo!
George Acuna
George A.
21:54 14 Apr 19
My apple watch (2nd series) battery got super dead with time so I went to Apple first - they quoted me an insane fee. So I ended up here and guys at Geek Workshop replaced it for 2 times cheaper! I'm really happy with the service (it only took about 2 hours to get it done) I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Kenton Dent
Kenton D.
02:59 14 Apr 19
Extremely positive experience!I have my Huawei P20 lite screen repaired here - it look less than 2 hours to get it done and the phone looked just like new. Highly recommend!
Anna Bryan
Anna B.
20:58 08 Apr 19
Came here to replace my phone battery. Service was quick and done within the time frame provided. Great, friendly customer service. Highly recommended.
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan W.
02:15 04 Apr 19
Fast, Reliable and Honest. I had to replace my iPad mini 3 battery and the charging port. They are very pleasant and polite. I would recommend this place to anyone who need their tablet and phone service.
May Hensel
May H.
05:10 31 Mar 19
I had an issue with my LG phone that ended up originating from a different issue after they ran a diagnostics test on it. Unfortunately it was a motherboard problem so the original issue couldn't be resolved unless I found a replacement motherboard. Regardless, the service was very efficient and they were able to figure out the specific problem. Great customer service as well.
Miranda Tuet
Miranda T.
04:03 28 Mar 19
Very professional - excellent service.
Joe Wingate
Joe W.
13:38 20 Mar 19
I've got my iPhone 7 repaired at Geeks and my expectations were not very high since the phone's frame was extremely bent (I have repaired it already at another place and the screen popped by itself in 3 days). However these guys formed it back really well - the lcd is not lifting anymore (like it used to before), sits very tight and nothing happened to it (it's been 2 months now). I'm honestly very impressed with the quality of the screen (I got a generic one - it was cheaper than other stores nearby) and it's pretty much as bright and colorful as the original apple lcd. Definitely recommending this place and giving 5 stars for the quality of repair, customer service and pricing!
Michael Zhong
Michael Z.
18:43 14 Mar 19
I have my iPhone 8 plus fixed here about 2 weeks ago and I highly recommend this place! Repair took a bit longer than expected because the frame was bent as hell, so it took about 30 minutes to make it work. Anyway the phone looked perfect - no gaps between the LCD and the frame (this happened to me already at another shop). Their pricing is very fair and they do offer two types of LCDs (I got the OEM one) which is very convenient if you're limited in budget. Overall 5 out 5 for sure - great customer support and very experienced techs!
Usman Domof
Usman D.
20:11 05 Mar 19
I came over with a nearly dead phone, described the issue to the nice person behind the desk. He immediately explained to me how to resolve the issue by myself. I did what he said and it fixed my phone. He could have asked for money, he could have told me to leave the phone there for an hour so that he could fix it and then charge me. But he didn't. This is an honest and straightforward professional. I will definately come back there!
uri alonim
uri A.
05:11 22 Feb 19
Fantastic customer service, know how and price-time solutions, great place to walk in with an issue and walk out with a sense of professionalism, calling back again, for sure!!!
Antonio Studer Noguez
Antonio Studer N.
02:23 07 Jan 19
Answered questions during i phone battery replacement. Assisted with other service info. Found out they also create websites for reasonable cost! I will be back for sure.
Lorrin Munn
Lorrin M.
10:29 30 Dec 18
Great customer service!! Got my iPhone 8 dropped recently, so I wanted to replace the screen and the battery (the capacity was only 64%). Gave this guys a shot and they managed to fix everything in just about 20 minutes! Also got a discount for multiple repairs 🙂 Super happy with your job! Definitely recommending to anyone.
Sandy Watson
Sandy W.
18:46 11 Dec 18

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